¿Hacia un urbanismo paracas en Ánimas Altas/Ánimas Bajas (valle de Ica)?

Aïcha Bachir Bacha Oscar Daniel Llanos Jacinto 2015. In  Paracas : Nuevas Evidencias, Nuevas Perspectivas, Boletín de Arqueología PUCP., 2015, n° 17, pp.167-204.

Abstract : Since 2009, within the framework of the Ánimas Altas Archaeological Program in Ica, Peru — under the direction of the au-thors — systematic excavations have been carried out in the Ánimas Altas/Ánimas Bajas archaeological complex, the center ofthe Paracas culture in the lower Ica valley. To date, the project has documented public-ceremonial architecture as well as domesticand production areas. Additionally, excavations have revealed evidence of pyramidal complexes contiguous to plazas, one smallpyramid housing an elite tomb decorated with a mural frieze, and remnants of dwellings and storage areas. In this article, we attempt to understand the function that Ánimas had during its prehispanic occupation, using data from recent excavations at the site. Our analysis draws on a wide range of material culture categories to facilitate reflections on the concepts of ‘city’ and ‘territory’ in the Andes, enriching our understanding of the process of prehispanic urbanism, a widely debated concept among Andeanists. Thus, we explore the meaning of the stylistic and technological heterogeneity observde in some types of materialamong Andeanists. Thus, we explore the meaning of the stylistic and technological heterogeneity observde in some types of materia culture, positing the idea that this heterogeneity reflects social and territorial dynamics, rather than mere diachronic variation.


Arqueología e iconografía de los textiles Paracas descubiertos en Animas Altas, Ica, Perú

Aïcha Bachir Bacha Oscar Daniel Llanos Jacinto 2011. In Victoria Solanilla. Actas de las V Jornadas Internacionales sobre Textiles Precolombinos, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, publicaciones del Grup d’Estudis Precolombins, pp.211-230, 2012,

Abstract : Little is known about the archaeological context of the famous Paracas textiles, especially those from Ica Valley. In the years 2009 and 2010, during our recent excavations at Animas Altas – the most significant site of Paracas society – textile remains were found in two structures, a civic-ceremonial and other funerary, which has friezes. In this paper a preliminary analysis about the textiles will be made with an emphasis on their archaeological context and iconography. The results offer some interpretations about the Paracas symbology and also open the debate about the stylistic variations of the objects discovered in the same context.